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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

You Can Apply to Be on Big Brother 14 Online at Their Website

This is not a press release or add for CBS and their new online casting website, but it might sound like one. Here is the scoop: The Julie Chen hosted net Summer ratings powerhouse is finally joining this century ( appropriate since the long-running show started in the year 2000- at least on our side of the pond, and , hey it's not like we care what the Dutch are doing in their house or anything- though my guess is showing a lot more nudity, but anyway..I digress..)..and accepting their applications online.

They even setup this nifty website for it: Big Brother Casting.
I heard about because, while I'm living so 3 years ago.. I subscribe to a number of feeds for modern blogs that aren't living like it's 2008 and discuss current seasons of Big Brother and other matters. Big Brother 14 Casting Updates posted this little blog with a video of some BB big-wig in a post that links to the OFFICIAL site where we are greeted by the omnipresent Mrs. Moonves and directed on a variety of OFFICIAL ways to throw our hats in the ring to be selected to play backyard ring toss this Summer, and one of these options is to fire up your computer machine and apply online.