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Friday, July 15, 2011

Evel Dick Leaves Big Brother 13 and Keith is Evicted

So, Big Brother 13 is off to a pretty interesting start this season. The first real twist that happened was 6 popular previous houseguests returning, in the form of 3 couples or duos. Among the couples was Evel Dick and Danielle. But then Evel Dick left the Big Brother 13 house, pretty much right away. He left for personal reasons, wich aren't exactly clear.

After Dick left, the gang decided they had enough of Keith and Keith was the first house guest evicted from Big Brother 13. Soon after that, Jordan won a little golfing HOH challenge, and we now have Jordan as the current HOH.

Big Brother 13 is off to a pretty good start, and I read that the ratings were coming in. Will there be a Big Brother 14? Will our summers ever be without a new season of Big Brother in the US? Who knows, but for right now you can follow all this season's updates here through our Big Brother 13 Blog feed and posts, or with the live feeds for 24 hour action.

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